LA’s Top Pool Parties of 2015

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The Rooftop at the Standard Pool Party

Where: The Rooftop at the Standard in Downtown LA
When: Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and random evenings


You can’t not look back with fondness at the Standard pool parties. Even if your most vivid memory includes getting your purse stolen and wandering the streets of DTLA with nothing but wedges, a Standard hotel robe and a Gatorade bottle of vodka.
While all of their events have different and usually unrelated names, I can assure you, every event I’ve been to at the Standard has been awesome.
If you aren’t plastered by 2, you can pretty much guarantee plenty of Instagram opportunities. The bright colors, hipster decor and city backdrop create moments worthy of Hollywood billboards the whole fucking time.
Whether they call it Wicked, Afternoon Delight or whatever catchy name they think of, it’s all sunshine and popsicles. This summer jam is so trendy, you’ll have to grow a beard just to get in.

Wavey Pool Party

Where: Hotel Figuroa in Downtown LA
When: Sundays June through September 27


This urban shindig is a collab effort between Dim Mak Studios and the Well. Every week this pool soiree brings an eclectic crowd from all of LA to enjoy music, tacos, mojitos and whimsical pool floats.

SkyBar Pool Parties

Where: SkyBar at the Mondrian Hollywood
When: Saturdays and Sundays through September

Skybar at the Mondrian is like the kid with the cool parents in high school that always lets them have people over. There’s always something uniquely awesome going on at this hip Hollywood boutique hotel.
From DJ jackLNDN to Matoma Music there’s always a beat that makes me want to bend my knees slightly and alternate between thrusts and sways based on the rhythm. Depending on the event, you could land in a gathering that feels like a friendly get-together chilling poolside with pitchers of margaritas and a selection of gourmet tacos, or it can feel like an upscale rager with high-waisted shorts and pasty lines of slightly damp cocaine. Be ready for both.

NightSwim at Tropicana Bar

Where: Tropicana Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood
When: Fridays and Saturdays nights from 10pm – 2am

NightSwim is LA’s longest running pool parties and it’s still just as loved today as the day it was launched, maybe more.
NightSwim has featured everyone from Daft Punk to Thom York to Elijah fucking Wood. I bet you didn’t even know he DJed.
Just in case you can’t immediately tell when you step into the party, the giant pool toys and oversized canoes will remind you. Must loves hipsters.

Dive In Theatre

Where: SkyBar
When: Monday June 22, 2015 – Monday October 26, 2015

LA's Best Pool Parties 2015 - DiveIn Theater at SkyBar at the MondrianSkyBar’s having friends over again! Although I grouped together most of the pool parties by location, I’m going to classify this as a different event. It’s more than just a name and DJ change, they actually show a movie on a giant projection screen over the pool while people, chill, eat, drink, swim and party.
God I love LA.

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  • Robynne

    I definitely want to try the NightSwim and Dive in Theatre! They look so fun.

    • Braham

      I’ve been to the Dive in Theater a couple of times, and it really is as awesome as it looks! Definitely check it out sometime :)

      • Melissa

        So much fun! I totally agree. Skybar has a lot of really fun events all year. Like trendy/classy mushed together.

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