The complete list of Airbnb alternatives

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Airbnb is usually my go-to app for renting people’s apartments when I’m traveling. But there are benefits to having a few backup websites in your pocket.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Through Airbnb

Airbnb is awesome. The app and the website are both easy to use, and, besides a few bad updates, really well-made.

There are times its popularity can be a downfall, though.

Why to Book through Airbnb Alternatives

  1. Popular events and festivals book up months in advance
  2. If you’re a host who doesn’t own, there’s a greater chance your landlord will find out
  3. If you’re a landlord, there’s a greater chance your tenants will try to be hosts
  4. The occasional douche using Airbnb private room rentals to try to pick up women.
Airbnb Logo

As I said, Airbnb is my go-to for short-term rentals, so I can’t go on listing the alternatives without linking to the fave.

One of the best things about Airbnb is that is just looks better. They actually pay for professional photographers to come out and shoot the properties, making it more fun to browse. To top it off, they also curate the listings so you can be constantly reminded of all of your awesome options.

Book through this link and get a $25 credit on your first booking!


HomeAway focuses on actual homeowners. This slight shift in business models protects them from some of the laws moving to hold back Airbnb. If you own your home this can add a bit of security.

Travelmob Logo

Travelmob started as the Asian Airbnb. It was taken over by HomeAway in 2013 so it probably won’t be going anywhere. If anything… just morphing with the others into one big Airbnb competitor.

FlipKey Logo

FlipKey is a rental listing site run by the travel website TripAdvisor. I’ve never used FlipKey personally. I have read that they are a bit behind Airbnb when it comes to communication but still worth checking out.

StopSleepGo Logo

StopSleepGo is a newcomer by An advantage of booking with them is that all the money passed between the company, homeowners and guests is all insured. So basically if they go bust after you pay but before you check in, you’ll get your money back.

Homestay logo

Homestay is another option for travelers looking for more of an experience than just a room for the night. With Homestay, a host will be present during your entire stay, giving the guest access to local knowledge and hospitality.

Roomorama Logo

Roomorama focuses more on mid to high-end rentals. It also seems to target families and working professionals, which Airbnb’s selection includes the budget traveler.

Trampolinn Logo

Trampolinn is like if Airbnb and Couchsurfing had a gypsy baby who only paid in tradesies. The idea is you list your home, get points, then redeem the points for stays in other homes. So not quite as free as Couchsurfing, but not quite as not-free as Airbnb. logo GrilTripping

Booking makes it easy by combining the search for rental properties, hotels, and hostels all in one search engine. During my recent trip through Croatia, I found it’s widely used there and other parts of Europe. The interface isn’t as pretty, but it can save time for those who want to compare all their options.

Way to Stay Logo

Way to Stay is another Europe-based apartment rental website. They pride themselves on only offering quality listings, along with free cancellation and rebooking.

Interhome Logo

Interhome is a rental agency, originally founded in Switzerland, but now boasts over 100,000 properties across Europe and the United States. If you prefer a more personal booking process and customer service from start to finish, Interhome is a good option. Logo

HouseTrip is very similar to Airbnb but based in Europe. In several of the cities I stayed in Europe, HouseTrip actually had more total listings. It’s definitely a viable option for a EuropeTrip, but as for hosting, I prefer Airbnb’s insurance policy. Logo

9flats is the UK version of Airbnb, but with a smaller user base. As mentioned in the pros and cons of renting through Airbnb,  there are downsides and upsides to this. It’s definitely worth checking out if renting or listing your place in the UK.

BedyCasa Logo

BedyCasa is for those who want a second chance at the exchange student experience. If you love the more cultural aspects of travel, and really want to experience life as a local, BedyCasa is a great option.

RentaVilla Logo

RentaVilla focuses on the more upscale properties listings. The downside being that their website looks like it’s from 2003. I have a hard time booking through a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated in so long… What are you doing with the money you make?

Migoa Logo

Migoa is great for those who would rather just deal with professional agents rather than exchanging emails with private homeowners. Its main user base is in Europe.


Tripping is basically a travel hack in its own right. It aggregates all the top apartment rental sites into one search engine so that you can be able to plan a trip and still have a social life.

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Showing 3 comments
  • Utah

    I really like AirBnB because I have a longstanding reputation there and it makes it easier to book. However, you’re right. Sometimes AirBnB just doesn’t have the accommodations that I need. Sometimes I’m traveling with large groups, or trying to attend a big conference or festival last minute. Next time I find myself out of luck on AirBnB I’m going to try out some of these alternative. They look like they might have some options for me.

    • Melissa

      We have a longstanding relationship also, from frequent stays and hosting, so I totally know what you mean about it being easier to book. They have really great support also.

      If you use one of the alternatives, I’d love to hear about your experience!

  • Alice

    Guys – check out The Plum Guide if you’re traveling to London. The nuts and bolts are exactly the same as Airbnb except the company personally vets each property beforehand. We stayed in one of their properties over the Christmas break and had a brilliant time… The flat was beautifully designed, there were no nasty surprises (it looked exactly as it did on the site) and the host was so attentive and lovely (they even left us a bottle of champagne!). All in all couldn’t recommend it more :)

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