On-the-go beach day packing list: 15 new twists on old classics

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You all know the few essentials for the perfect beach day packing list – a beach towel, sunscreen, cooler – and whether you’re hitting up Miami Beach or one of LA’s super fun pool parties, may no bitch go unprepared.

Well ladies… there is no reason why we need to settle for the same outdated beach accessories we did while sporting tankinis. It’s time for an upgrade.


1. A Big Beach Blanket

When it comes to beach blankets, the bigger the better. Not only does it give you room for any lounging position your Sunday Funday mindset will encourage, it also clearly marks the beach territory yours.


2. A Multi-Purpose Beach Chair

If you really wanna go glam, you won’t stop at a beach chair, because what will you lean against? When shopping for a good beach chair, look for something compact and multi-purpose like this beach chair cooler combo.


3. A F**king Frisbee

Remember when frisbees were cool? Let’s bring those days back. It looks trendier than throwing a softball. And these nylon discs are guaranteed to minimize facial injuries.


4. The Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler does cool hard. This Cadillac of coolers does more than just cool shit, it serves as your DJ AND your bartender. Talk about a great hire.

“I’ll take a turkey sandwich, a Pina Colada and some Falcon Beats.”

“Coming right up miss.”

party floater2

5. Party Floaty

You know those times when all you want to do is float in the lazy river but then all your friends say your being anti-social and refill your red Solo cup… Well this floaty company thought of that already.

oversizd beach towel

6. Oversized Beach Towel

Nowadays I don’t settle on a beach towel that couldn’t also double as an adorable tablecloth. If you think I’m asking too much, you should see my towel collection and then raise your own standards.


7. Lightweight Sunscreen

Ever wonder how the pros manage to protect their skin without looking like a just-greased fitness model? This every day SPF 45 sunscreen is extra lightweight and doesn’t leave you looking like you just left a wet nuru massage.


8. Retro Beach Umbrella

Even those die-hard sun worshippers wish they had a moment in which squinting wasn’t so necessary. Right?

At the very least beach umbrellas add a spectacularly retro ambiance that is pretty much necessary.


9. Oversized Floppy Sun Hat

I seem to forget how marvelous it is to have a large sun hat until I have one on but the moment its rim spans my peripheral vision it’s like I didn’t realize I had been suffering ever so slightly until the hat.


10. Polarized Sunglasses

Nothing ruins a girls trip like knowing your sealing in your crows feet. Don’t be a victim. Remember your sunnies. *wink* *finger gun thumb snap* *mouth sound*


11. Beach Drink Coasters

The biggest problem most people have with the beach is the difficulty it takes to balance a wine glass in the sand. This problem has officially been solved.


12. Water Bottle

If you’re going to be drinking as much as I plan to on these types of days, it’s important to also stay hydrated. If not for you, for your skin. If not for your skin, use the bottle to conceal another sand-muddled moscow mule.

Either way, we’re done with plastic and we’re going for the good shit. BPA free yo.

waterproof bag

13. Waterproof Dry Bag

It’s unclear whether I need these more for adventure activities or wine spill protection. Whatever their purpose is for you, I’m sure there is one.

No but really, the low price tag makes this a must-purchase item for protecting valuables.


14. A F*king Power Kite

Ok so when I first say kite you’re gonna be like, “Really Melissa? A fucking kite?” But then I’m gonna explain to you that this isn’t just any kite. It’s a power kite. That’s right. A power kite. It blows where it wants.

beach bag

15. Beach Bag

Finally, you’re gonna need something to carry all your shit. Don’t settle for less. Find something adorable. They exist. And you deserve it.

What are your must-have beach day accessories? If your beach bag big enough?

Let me know if I’m missing anything in the comments! Happy tripping!

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Showing 4 comments
  • Razian

    That cooler you have on this beach packing list looks like a brilliant idea! How many times have been at the beach, just wishing I could mix up a great daiquiri to enjoy surfside – now I really can! Thanks so much for the recommendation, I’ve already got one on order.

    • Melissa

      That’s so awesome! I’d love to hear what you think of it when it comes. I’ve been considering the purchase all year!

  • Rick

    OMG, I haven’t seen an aerobie since the 90’s. It only just occurred to me that my dog has never seen an aerobie ever, so I think I’m going to grab one before we go camping next weekend.

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