Reddit reveals the 10 worst places in the world to travel

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Discovering that you’re spending a week somewhere that makes you rather be home can really suck. And for those 9-to-5ers who have to request for their alotted vacation days, this might be your only chance to get away until next year.
Before you commit to your flight, check out the worst places in the world to travel from the people that went there, so you don’t have to.

People of r/travel, what is the worst place you’ve been to and why?

1. Naples, Italy

“…Companion got pickpocketed. Trash everywhere. Graffiti and grime everywhere… Homeless gypsy cardboard box communities in the trash filled parks. No real enjoyable Harbor or waterfront. All in all, just a dirty city. Market wasn’t impressive compared to the other Italian cities. All the food places I tried sucked compared to the other Italian cities. Will never go back.”

2. New Delhi, India

“My wife stayed 1 night in Delhi on a layover, and the $120/night room she rented had no sheets on it and a giant blood stain. Of course, she got another room. And the driver that dropped her off missed the hotel by a few blocks, and she said he drove terrifyingly fast in reverse instead of going around the block.”

3. Athens, Greece

“Dirty. Graffiti everywhere. Didn’t feel safe. The hotel I booked…ran a wet saw in the next room doing tile work at 7am who refused to stop while we slept. Insane drivers. No one we talked to were nice to us.”

4. Geneva, Switzerland

“Albeit a pretty city, the soul-crushing cost of everything entirely weighed down my experiences there. Never expected to pay 24f for a hamburger in my life.”

5. Calcutta, India

“The reason I say it was the worst place I have been to is that is was overcrowded, everyone begged me for money, traffic is hellish, (think goats and sheep in the middle of rush hour traffic), I got robbed, pickpocketed and the smog is horrible. Plus there is trash everywhere except inside expensive hotels and temples.”

6. Luton, UK

“It’s the Gary, IN of England.”

7. Antalya, Turkey

“A formerly beautiful ancient city ruined by the massive amounts of tourist traps. During my stay in the city I had the constant feeling I was going to be ripped off. In shops, in cafés or restaurants, you name it. Not to mention the fact that the city is filled with eyesores of buildings designed to lure in tourists.”

8. Xi’an, China

“Got robbed, it was smoggy as hell, and other than cycling atop the city walls…[that’s] all to do there. Absolutely hated it, it was the only place in China I disliked.”

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

“I couldn’t walk a block without someone trying to rip me off. Apparently, blond hair and blue eyes means you s*** gold.”

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

“To be clear, the rest of the city and country is lovely, but the old core of Amsterdam is filthy and overrun with loutish stag and hen party types who are just there for the substance abuse. Combine that with the seediness of De Wallen, which stands as a monument of indifference to human trafficking… Then fill in the gaps with predominantly trashy shops selling tourist trinkets, even more so than your average European city”

Thank you redditors!


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Stay safe ladies, and keep tripping!

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Showing 10 comments
  • Nancy Loehr

    Hey Melissa – Thanks for the heads up on the worst places to travel to – I will be sure to steer clear or those cities – I haven’t been to any of them but you can be sure I will not if I don’t have to. Thanks for the value!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Nancy! I’m sure they’ve all got their greatness to them, but with all the places in the world, not everyone wants to risk it. Thanks for the comment!

  • carmen

    Ooh this is an interesting read. I’m heading to Amsterdam, but will be sure to steer clear of the old core. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Rich

      Yeah, I guess I don’t know how Amsterdam made this list… I’ll admit that it’s the only city listed that I’ve actually been too, so maybe I just pick terrible travel destination in general, lol. I actually have family that works in the city, so maybe they just take care to show me only the best parts?

      • Melissa

        Amsterdam seems like one of those cities with good and bad, so your experience will totally depend on the mind you walk in with.

        I think everywhere, everything and everyone should always start with a clean slate. Just be prepared, stay smart, don’t trip, but keep tripping. haha.

    • Melissa

      I always say you never know until you try. And even though Amsterdam made the list, I’m still planning on going some day soon. :-)

  • Alex of Wanderlust Marriage

    It all depends on your experiences but I generally really disagree with this list. 3 of the cities listed are 3 of my favorites in the world: Amsterdam, Athens and Hanoi.

    I lived in Amsterdam for 3 and 1/2 years and yes, De Wallen is seedy. But the western canal belt is gorgeous and can be very quiet and peaceful or great for picnics when the weather is good. Those that think Amsterdam is seedy didn’t leave the Red Light District.

    Athens can be hit and miss, but most fellow travel bloggers LOVED it during during the TBEX conference in October. Read my post on 7 Reasons why Athens is still one of the best cities in Europe to visit. Some of the very best food, beaches just outside the city, great mountain vistas & epic history of course,

    Hanoi is hit and miss but the colonial architecture is beautiful and the beer hoi’s are excellent for fresh and super cheap lager. Plus great baguettes, so unusual for Asia!

    • Melissa

      Hi Alex! Thanks for your input.
      There are so many times that I love something or somewhere and then find out a bunch of people don’t see what I see at all. I think that’s because I try to always find the good.
      You sound the same way. I still plan to go everywhere, even these places, and I’m sure I’ll have a great time. But I also already know that I won’t let any of these reasons get to me.
      So maybe this should be titled, “Reddit reveals the 10 places that the average traveler experienced difficulties and wanted to vent.” haha

  • Sioux

    Hmm… thanks for the caution about Hanoi. Vietnam looks so beautiful though and I really do want to go. What are *good* cities to travel to in Vietnam?

  • MG

    Interesting list. I’m surprised to see Amsterdam and Hanoi on there. Although admittedly quite polluted (one of the only cons in my eyes), Hanoi’s old quarter is very charming with great street food, restaurants and shops with good museums and Water Puppet Theatre show. I didn’t get ripped off once, in fact I found the people incredibly friendly and warm.
    Living in London, most of of my friends have been to Amsterdam at one point or the other – including myself a few times – and have never heard a bad word said about it. I agree with Luton – it’s simply an airport hub to a majority of Brits. Not sure what you would go there for as tourist…
    MG recently posted…Leadenhall Market: Shop in one of London’s oldest commercial hubs dating back to Roman timesMy Profile

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